About Us

Thrift Solutions started in year 2008, then focusing on helping timeshare members rent out their under-utilized timeshare allocation to public.  
The business expanded several new brands namely Thrift Holidays – focusing on setup and marketing of holiday rentals / holiday accommodations; 
Thrift Academy – providing entrepreneur development training; and Thrift Shoppe –online store selling brand new and pre-loved items from overseas. 
We recently launched new brands - Holiday Rental Expert – training for holiday rentals business owners; and Thrift Consulting - training and consulting for start-ups, SMEs, and government.

Lexis Port Dickson marketing for timeshare owner is under the umbrella of Thrift Holidays.
Thrift Holidays provide service to clients who are looking for holiday accommodation, as well as timeshare owners who need help to rent out their unused allocation or condo/house owners to rent out their vacant units for short term/daily basis whilst waiting for long term tenant.
If you are a timeshare owner with unutilised allocations, please contact us.